The Red Cross Car

  • September 18, 2012 - niawilliams

While looking through the thank you letters written to the Aberystwyth Comforts Fund I found this poem among them…

The Red Cross Car

(pte. J. Oswald Thomas) 54 7.A. R.A.M.C.

B.E.7 France


 They are bringing them back who went out so bravely

Grey ghost like cars down the long white road

Come gliding, each with its cross of scarlet

On canvas hood, and its heavy load

Of human sheaves from the crimson harvest

That greed and falsehood and hatred sowed


Maimed and blinded, torn and shattered

Yet with hardly a groan or cry

From lips as white as the linen bandage

Though a stifled prayer, “God let me die”

To wring maybe from a soul in torment

As the car with the bloodred cross goes by.


The Red cross car! What a world of anguish

On noiseless wheels you bear night and day

Each one that comes from the field of slaughter

In a moving cavalry painted grey

And soon the waters at home in England

Lets praise the Red Cross Men, the people say.