Update – August 1, 2013

  • August 1, 2013
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Again, it’s been a busy month.

  • The work on the descriptive metadata is complete and al the content is ready to be ingested.
  • The work on the audio files has been completed, and the transcripts are now on the test website.
  • The third workflow for ingesting material into Vital is now working, and we are testing the final workflow – for archival material – on the live system. The workflow this is much more complicated but significant testing on the test system has been carried out. Material is being ingested through the other workflows.
  • We are about to publish a newspaper advertisement requesting information about copyright holders.
  • We have conducted the first test session on the interface, and we have made a couple of changes to the way the archive structure is displayed as a result. A further experiment this month and in September.
  • The metadata and scanning teams have visited Glamorgan Archives and Conwy Archives in the last month in preparation and scanning material from Glamorgan, Gwent, Conwy and Flintshire. There is more work to do in Conwy Archives and we are preparing to ingest this data in September.
  • And finally, I hand over the project and move on to a different job from today. An enthusiastic and experienced team will continue the work over the coming months.

3 thoughts on “Update – August 1, 2013

  1. Thanks, David. What I couldn’t say in 140 characters on Twitter (!) was that the full archive for this project will be launched at the end of October 2013, and it will contain letters, official records, personal papers, newspapers and photographs, as well as newspapers from 1914-18. The digital archive may be useful to you in researching the history of Frederick John Holbrook. If you do manage to find any material in the collection that relates to him, please come back to blog about this!
    Hope this helps,