Project update – June 2013

Some time has passed since I last gave an update on the progress of the project on the blog. Since the fire back in April we have been working hard to ensure that work on the project continues and will finish on time. There is much to report.

The preparatory  and scanning work has now been completed.  253,800 images have been created and over 550 minutes of recordings of oral history interviews have been digitised. We have created electronic text files from typed transcriptions of the content of the recordings to enable searching, and these have been checked by volunteers. We are transforming these files to TEI format.

We are also working to ensure adequate metadata for each item. Catalogue records for items from the collections of the National Library already exist, and other libraries have provided metadata for their material. The staff here are working to convert this metadata to catalogue records in the Virtua system  following agreed standards for project metadata. The intention is to complete this work by the end of the month.

The development team has been busy ensuring workflows for ingesting digital assets to the National Library’s digital repository, Vital, are completed. We’ve had to develop new workflows for different types of material, two of them are now ready for use and the final two, for images and archival material, are scheduled to be ready by early July. We have begun to ingest material to Vital, using these new workflows.

Dafydd Tudur, NLW’s Rights Manager is continuing to assess IPR risks on items in the National Library’s collection and contacting potential sources of information about rights holders. Work on assessing IPR risks for material from partner libraries is nearly complete.

A lot of work has taken place on developing an interface for the project. A test version of the website has been created, using test data, although significant development work still needs to be completed before we can begin user testing.

Good progress on the work with local archives. Back in March we went to Gwynedd Archives to prepare metadata and scan items from the collections. As a result of this work we were able to plan further digitisation of collections from Gwent, Glamorgan, Conwy and Flintshire Archives. Work has begun at Gwent and Glamorgan, and the team will visit Conwy Archive next week.

So much has been done in recent weeks with more to keep us very busy.

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