Using World War I archives for teaching students at Swansea University

As soon as the documents from the Richard Burton Archives had been digitised and returned to Swansea, they were being used as part of a course for the Department of History and Classics. The Practice of History is a compulsory second year module which discusses the variety of historical sources explored by historians, how they can be used and the intellectual and practical problems that can arise from using them.

In a fresh approach this year the module is being taught using primary sources linked to particular areas of research. One group is studying World War I, in particular the home front, the battle front, and women and the war. Last week they visited the Richard Burton Archives for an introduction to using archives and to start using the documents selected.


Elisabeth Bennett
Richard Burton Archives
Information Services & Systems
Swansea University

2 thoughts on “Using World War I archives for teaching students at Swansea University

  1. I have a small note book my grandfather kept during the WW1 when he was in France/Belgium . He was in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers and was at the battle of Mametz Ypres & Pilkem. The note book is in welsh & while commenting on the war also contains poems & illustrations, some of the battlefields & also some thoughts about home & Llanrwst where his family lived. I live in the south of England so getting to North Wales would be difficult however I would be able to get to Cardiff if the note book could be scanned there.
    Thank you Jane Hall