The beginning of the First World War and Newspapers in Wales

  • September 18, 2012 - niawilliams

Having looked at over 40 newspapers one of the things which amazed me was the fact that the beginning of the First World War wasn’t heralded with major headlines across the front pages, but rather there would be a small article (perhaps), in some corner noting that the United Kingdom had declared war against Germany.

It’s hard to believe today, in an age when every little thing is huge news on the internet that a war which was to prove so bloody didn’t start with every single newspaper of the day shouting WAR from their front pages. To be fair it wasn’t that the newspapers ignored the war, at least not for the most part it was more a case of slipping seamlessly between the usual local news and information one week to a full coverage of what had been going on in the war the next. Often there’d only be a short sentence noting the beginning of the war, the real news was what was actually happening in the war.